About company

The Optitrade group of companies has been pleasing Russian consumers with excellent quality chees for 22 years, being the largest distributor on the market. In addition, the group of companies is a national operator for the provision of service logistics and import services, as well as a certified manufacturer of packaged cheese.

The range of Optitrade Group of Companies presents a wide range of cheeses of various types: hard rennet, soft delicacies, cheeses with blue and white mold, fresh young, pickled cheeses.

The group of companies has a strict selection of suppliers of cheese and other food products. Today's pool of partners is the pride of Optitrade Group of Companies. The geography of the offered assortment is impressive: Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Iran.

The result of painstaking work is the right to be the exclusive distributor in Russia of such brands as: "DORBLU" (Germany), "MOSER" (Switzerland), "Dittmann" (Germany), "Hochwald" (Germany), "Natrue" (Spain), "Sojasan" (France), meat products TM "Belorusskaya Traditiona" (Belarus), "Exponenta" (Belarus). GC "Optitrade" is a reliable distributor of TM "Hochland" (Germany), "Milkana" ("Savencia", France), "TIROLEZ" (Brazil), sausage and meat products of TM "Special case" (Russia) and many others. < / p>

The big pride of Optitrade Group is a wide range of cheeses under its own trademarks:

  • ТМ "Cheezzi" (assortment line "Classic" - traditional European tastes; "Terra del Gusto" - cheeses with an Italian character; line "Russian cheese dairies" - favorite tastes from Altai; "Crémeux" - cheeses with noble white mold, produced in Russia; "Salato" - pickled cheeses);
  • ТМ "Caprette" - cheeses made from goat and mixed milk;
  • ТМ "BluDelice" - cheeses with blue mold;
  • ТМ "Alpino" - traditional Swiss cheeses;
  • TM "Bergstolz" - specialties and cave cheeses from Switzerland.

These cheese lines were created based on the preferences of the majority of Russian consumers and are already presented in many retail chains. For their manufacture, raw materials from the best manufacturers of Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, Latin America are used.

For more than 20 years of fruitful work, Optitrade Group of Companies has accumulated extensive experience and today it easily satisfies the growing needs of manufacturers in distribution and logistics services. The group of companies has built a wide distribution network and has all the necessary logistics, financial and human resources to provide and maintain a high level of service.

Clients of Optitrade Group of Companies are not only all large federal, local and regional retail chains, but also wholesale companies, restaurant and hotel chains, private entrepreneurs, online stores.

Partners choose to cooperate with the Optitrade Group of Companies because it guarantees:

  • high level of service;
  • an integrated approach to cooperation;
  • quality product;
  • uninterrupted supply;
  • an individual approach to the needs of each client;
  • expansion of the sales market;
  • increase in turnover;
  • profit growth;
  • increasing customer loyalty to brands.

Our own professional team of merchandisers is aimed at attracting the attention of end consumers in retail outlets and increasing sales by ensuring high-quality display of goods. One of the important tasks solved by merchandisers is to create a positive image of a supplier of high-quality food products for each brand.

In 2001, its own production of cheese packaging, the Allgoy company, was created and is successfully operating without interruption. This enterprise is equipped with modern and reliable equipment from leading world brands: ILAPAK (Switzerland), Multivac (Germany), Alpma (Germany), Weber (Germany), Groba (Germany), HENKELMAN (Holland). At all stages, the quality and safety of products is monitored. Production is annually audited by foreign accredited companies and confirms compliance with the international standard of the BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) quality management system, carefully fulfilling the requirements for the quality and safety of products in category "A". The production capacity is 6,500 tons of finished products per year.

The company has its own logistics structure, which allows it to deliver groupage cargo in a temperature range from +2 to +6.

Managers provide high-quality escort service from the moment of loading to transfer to the client, provide comprehensive support and advice on issues arising during the forwarding process. Special attention is paid to ensuring the safety of cargo and punctuality of delivery, including consulting services on optimization of cargo