We present a wide range of cheeses of various types: hard rennet, soft gourmet cheeses, cheeses with blue and white mold, fresh young, pickled cheeses.

Belebeevsky dairy plant

One of the largest enterprises for the production of hard cheese and butter. Over its almost 100-year history, the plant has achieved recognition of its products everywhere, from Krasnodar to Khabarovsk. The unique herbs of the Bashkir meadows, high-quality milk and a professional attitude were the keys to such success.

Hochwald Company (Germany)

One of the largest cream producers in Europe, dating back to 1932. Hochwald exports its products to Europe, Asia, South America and Russia. The cream is intended for both home and professional use.

Puratos (Belgium)

The company was founded at the beginning of the 20th century as a manufacturer of ingredients for baking confectionery and bakery products. The company's goal is to be reliable partners for its customers.